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Tech G Frontier Forums 2023 will be held at the Kerry Pudong Hotel and Shanghai New International Expo Center from October 12 to 14. More than 100 technology industry experts, policy makers, academics and experienced practitioners will join the audience to share pioneering ideas for cross-industry applications around the latest trends in consumer electronics technology, discuss high-end industrial chain technology problems, and to create the future spark of science and technology.

To enrich the content of the Forums, demonstrate the present and future consumer technology market and technology from a multi-dimensional perspective, 2023 Shanghai International Consumer Electronics Show Tech G Frontier Forums now officially and publicly call for speakers to participate in the forums from enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions and related experts.

Tech G Frontier Forums will be recruiting speakers focus on the following topics, if you have other consumer technology industry related content, you are also welcome to contribute to the forums:

Digital Intelligence Technology

  • Semiconductor Chip Technology / 6G / Mobile Communications
  • AIGC
  • Internet of Things

Intelligent Life

  • Smart Home
  • Home Audio & Video
  • Smart Wear / Health & Sports Technology

Future of mobility

  • Car Networking / Autopilot
  • Digital Car Keys / Car Life

Digital Economy

  • Meta-Universe
  • Smart Tourism / Community / Education / Hotel
  • Real Estate Technology / Design & Technology

Time Schedule

  • 2023-05-15 Start calling for Speakers
  • 2023-07-31 End calling for Speakers
  • 2023-09-15 Announcement of Results of Speakers Selection
  • 2023-10-12/14 Tech G Frontier Forums

Guest speaker benefits

  • The Speaker himself gets a free three-day forum pass (worth 2,500 yuan)
  • Three Anonymous tickets for the one meeting (worth 2,400 yuan)
  • Exclusive marketing promoting opportunities pre, during and post the show
  • VIP lunch for guest speakers
  • VIP Lounge

Important tips

  • Speech content should be focused on the industry and technology. The main purpose of the speech is to look forward to the future of the industry and share forward-looking cases. Please avoid corporate advertising or other commercial purposes as much as possible.
  • The presentation format will include individual speeches, two-person talks and round-table discussions. The organizers will decide on the presentation format based on the content of the meeting.
  • Guest speakers will be required to arrange their own transportation and accommodation. The organizer will not pay for guest speakers’ fees or travel expenses

If you are interested in applying for the guest speaker, please click on the button below. We are looking forward to working with you to envision the future of science and technology.

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Thank you for your support for the Tech G Frontier Forums. Please fill in the following form. We will contact you immediately after the evaluation.

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