Target Audience Program (TAP)

Tech G officially launches the TAP Professional Buyer Program, building a bridge between core buyers and suppliers in China’s consumer electronics market. Precise matchmaking services promote efficient cooperation between supply and demand sides, assisting enterprises in expanding their market presence, seizing opportunities in the future consumer electronics industry, and jointly fostering a new industry ecosystem.

What is the Target Audience Program (TAP)?

This program aims to attract and serve high-quality professional buyer groups in the consumer electronics exhibition with clear purchasing intentions and strong decision-making capabilities through a series of customized services and technical support.

Personalized Customized Tour Routes

Join the TAP plan to unlock exclusive tour routes immediately. Based on the buyer’s purchasing needs and interest areas, an intelligent algorithm plans the optimal visiting path, directly targeting core exhibition areas and target exhibitors. Whether it’s artificial intelligence, health technology, smart wearables, or metaverse applications, you can precisely connect with leading companies and innovative products within the industry.

Tech G will equip the buyer group with a dedicated escort team to ensure that the buyer’s tour is efficient and orderly, reaching the forefront of technology.

Preview Exhibits Before the Show

This year, Tech G has specially set up an online mini program. This platform opens before the exhibition, gathering the latest product information and technological innovation highlights of exhibitors. Through this, buyers can pre-screen suppliers with high matching degrees and schedule on-site meeting times. Thus, during the exhibition, they can directly engage in in-depth exchanges and business negotiations on-site, maximizing the use of valuable time and seizing market opportunities.

Exclusive Services for Invited Buyers

  • VIP exclusive fast track, avoiding on-site queuing for registration.
  • Before the exhibition, access the latest product information from exhibitors via WeChat mini-program, email, etc.
  • Participation in on-site procurement meetings.
  • Priority participation in concurrent summit forums and exchange activities.
  • Customized exclusive tour routes, and scheduled exhibitor negotiations.

Exclusive Privileges for Invited Buyers

  • Accommodation at four-star hotels during the exhibition period.
  • Shuttles from designated hotels to the exhibition venue
  • Business lunches within the exhibition hall

Join the Tech G 2024 TAP

Application Conditions

Professionals within the consumer electronics industry who have clear purchasing intentions or plans, including but not limited to:

  • Distributors, retailers
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Application scenario integrators

Application Process

Scan the QR code to fill out the buyer demand form.
After approval by the organizer, you can enjoy the benefits of invited buyers.